Want to get top dollar for your home without investing in the wrong upgrades?  We can help.  Sellers are not having to spend thousands of dollars here locally, in most cases, to prepare their home for sale. Preparation is the key to success in real estate!

Properties that show the best sell the quickest and for higher prices. Getting your home in the best possible condition is paramount. The way a home makes a buyer feel, the home viewing experience, is just as important as the neighborhood, the schools and the overall layout.  It’s a FEELING that makes people want to stay.

How to get your home ready:

-De-clutter. Get rid of stuff. Organize what you have. Start packing (remember you are moving!).  

-Fresh paint sells houses. This includes fresh paint on the trim and front door as well. This makes the home feel cleaner as well!

-Freshen & clean up landscaping. Put down new mulch. Trim bushes and trees. Remove weeds and clean up gardens. Remove debris and items from yard. 

-Re-do flooring if it is in rough shape. New carpet is a huge seller. CLEAN is the key word for potential buyers and the showing experience.

-Repair. Take the time to do all of those little repair projects you have been meaning to tackle. Tackle that punch list. Make sure all light bulbs are working. No broken items that would make a buyer feel that the home wasn’t taken care of

The key – clean the inside and outside of your home just like you would your car if you were turning in a lease.  Make the home buying experience for your potential buyers as amazing as you possibly can.  Get top dollar for your home with a little sweat equity!